Wow, a LOT has happened since I last posted here.

  • Photographed 2 events : Roller Derby Bout & Easter Egg Hunt
  • Completed a Tshirt design
  • Printed my own business cards and decided ordering them from a professional is a better way to go!
  • Got a job working in a photolab/print shop
  • Working on a logo for said print shop

So, it’s time to love my wordpress a little more to keep my head straight. Congratulations, wordpress! You’re now my homepage.

In the past, using a blog has really helped me – which is why I’m trying to keep this baby alive. I only regret not showing it more love recently – all those tutorials I meant to do would have really helped. I was listening to the latest Accidental Creative podcast about how laying the groundwork and preparing for where you want to go as if it will actually happen (imagine that?) is so important. He compared this to the looney tunes episode where Wile E. Coyote actually captures the Roadrunner – but he’s the size of a bug and Roadrunner is way too big for him to actually eat him. Wile E. Is just hanging on his ankles as the Roadrunner speeds away. I feel a little a lot like this. Things are taking off and I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth trying to cram everything I want to know in. That’s okay.

I’ll get there. Patience.





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