Uh, Whoops!

How do I just completely forget something I’ve done for almost three weeks? Sorry, WordPress!

Well, I guess it started because the last week I assigned myself homework, it didn’t get completed. 🙂 So I avoided posting about that. Learned an important lesson. The more structured my assignments are, the better. Posting a bunch of things to be completed in a week doesn’t work right now. Maybe once I start doing things consistently, I can do that. Also, perhaps I need to be more patient with myself and cut myself some slack if I don’t do all of the assignments. I tend to beat myself up and hide from doing anything for a few days if I feel like I’ve failed. I must remember that failure is just a part of the process.

Easy assignments this week:

Tuesday: Start on give away iPad flyer

Wednesday: Figure out masks

Thursday: Finalize and print out business cards

Friday: Finish drawing about veteren

Saturday: Organize following weeks agenda

Although, the past few weeks definitely weren’t a waste. I’ve come a ways with my business card design, I’ve worked on logo design, I’ve edited photos, I’ve applied for a photo processing job ( and it looks very promising!). Not to mention all the reading I did about logo designing and such. I really hope I get the photo processing job. That would be really good to help me stay in the mind of a graphic designer and challenge myself to figure new things out. It would also be great to understand the printing process better.


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