Wednesday – Photography Techniques

Wednesday// Photography techniques - // Refresh what I’ve learned this week so far

I’ve read through the first link and am guilty of 70% of the things it talks about heh. So here’s a little list of things I need to improve on/keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye on the histogram – sneaking into the 200s is not a good sign
  • Do not blindly use Photoshop functions
  • Loosing details in the shadows is a sign to stop editing
  • Enhance what is already there without – blowing things out, losing crispness
  • Research the correct way of how to accomplish fake HDR… or figure out how to do the real thing.

A week or two ago I checked out this book titled “The Complete Guide to Light” which I have not even cracked. :} So today I will read through that and study the above websites. When I take photographs, lighting and shadows are the main things I look for, so reading up on that idea can only help me more.

So, reading through this Guide to Light book…. It looks like I need a lot more equipment to do anything extremely awesome. I hate having stuff. That’s why I like digital design. Everything is neatly inside the computer or sketched out in my compact notebooks. There’s all sorts of lamps and reflectors and umbrellas and yeesh. I did get a few good tips about positioning and times of day and what to look for in light. Good book over all. Not very big and lots of pictures = A+
This was an easy day. I needed an easy day.

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