Monday – Photoshop – Castle in the sky

Monday// Photoshop tutorials –

And through this tutorial I discovered THIS amazing resource : Which I have a feeling will soon become my new

So, I overdid it with the vibrance. I have that tendency. I also couldn’t find the exact picture they used for the sky, so I used one of my own. It doesn’t look exactly like the tutorial, but I think it’s at least a C+ for my first try! I couldn’t figure out the rainbow effect…Think I’ll redo this tomorrow and see if I can get it closer to the image at least in color. I have the bad habit of overdoing the vibrance. :S I might use a picture of a better castle too hehe.

On the plus side, I learned a few new techniques in photoshop and remembered a few old ones. The patch tool was especially helpful, as well as the selection marquee. Transform warp is also one I’ll remember.



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