More About Scheduling

So, I’m thinking I need to be as detailed as possible with my schedule throughout the week. I tend to get really lost in the details and finding a tutorial or excerpt to read which “Feels Right” each day seems like a place I could spend way too much time on. To prevent this, I decided to look up the tutorials ahead of time that I’ll be working on during the week. Since today is Saturday ( my Organize day) I think this will be my goal setting day for the week. Also, instead of putting the time spent (which isn’t a good idea for me anyway since time is a language I don’t speak fluently) I’m just putting the tutorial link.

Sunday// Design history – Research Typography (form, specific designers)
Monday// Photoshop tutorials –
Tuesday// Illustrator tutorials –
Wednesday// Photography techniques – // Refresh
Thursday// Language Arts (writing, German, Speech, ect) – 2 hr
Friday// Illustrator tutorials –
Saturday// Organize / Recap


I’m pretty stoked about this new organized way of doing things. Hoping that enthusiasm holds out! (At least I have this post to refer back to about how excited I was haha!)

I started this clock tutorial last night and finished it today. I’m pretty proud of the result. Image


I’m also close to finishing up a logo design for my friend Bebop Vox:



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