The Designer’s Work Out

Below is a schedule I made for myself at the end of December. Since that time, I’ve followed the schedule maybe 4 days…. but that doesn’t mean I can’t pick it back up! I’ve also changed a few things since I’ve decided to set webdesign aside and focus on fundamentals of design and photography. So here is me – recommitting.

//Jan – Mar Work/Study Schedule\\

Sunday// Design history – 1 hr max // Recap
Monday// Photoshop tutorials – 2 hr max
Tuesday// Illustrator tutorials – 2 hr
Wednesday// Photography techniques – 1 hr // Refresh
Thursday// Language Arts (writing, German, Speech, ect) – 2 hr
Friday// Illustrator tutorials – 2 hr
Saturday// Organize / Recap

– Warm ups: drawing, writing thoughts/anxieties, facing fears head on

I realized about midway through the month that my aspirations for learning webdesign AS WELL as AI and PS and Photography was just expecting far too much. Webdesign needs all the time and attention AI and PS get and there’s just not enough of my attention to go around. I was getting discouraged that I couldn’t fit everything in and because of that, was avoiding doing anything at all. Now, I’ve made the schedule much more manageable and don’t feel overwhelmed. I figured if I made it more like a work out plan, it would be easier to follow.

Updates to come!


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