Thursday – Language Arts

Thursday// Language Arts (writing, German, Speech, ect) – 2 hr So, I think I should put a day of designing something in between Language and Photography. I want to do a tutorial. And I might anyway once I work on Eyes of Pearls a little more. I practiced my ice breaker speech for the next […]

Wednesday – Photography Techniques

Wednesday// Photography techniques - // Refresh what I’ve learned this week so far I’ve read through the first link and am guilty of 70% of the things it talks about heh. So here’s a little list of things I need to improve on/keep in mind: Keep an eye on the histogram – sneaking into the […]

Tuesday – Illustrator – Compass and Rocket

I’m already learning something about this process – if I open this page up at the beginning of the day, the chances greatly improve that I’ll complete the goal and post that day. ;}  Tuesday// Illustrator tutorials – H.o.l.y. CRAP that little space rocket was difficult!!! But I stuck with it and am […]

Monday – Photoshop – Castle in the sky

Monday// Photoshop tutorials – And through this tutorial I discovered THIS amazing resource : Which I have a feeling will soon become my new So, I overdid it with the vibrance. I have that tendency. I also couldn’t find the exact picture they used for the sky, so I used one […]

More About Scheduling

So, I’m thinking I need to be as detailed as possible with my schedule throughout the week. I tend to get really lost in the details and finding a tutorial or excerpt to read which “Feels Right” each day seems like a place I could spend way too much time on. To prevent this, I […]

The Delicious Sense

“I made my way through a shower of petals to the great trunk and for one minute stood irresolute – then putting my foot in the broad space between the forked branches, I pulled myself up into the tree. I had some difficulty holding on, for the branches were very large and the bark hurt […]